Home Inspections cover the 8 components of a thorough inspection.

1. Structure – Looking for deformities, cracks in the foundation, walls out of square. Supports under the house installed correctly.

2. Exterior – Trees adjacent to the house, drainage around the home, caulking around the windows, settlement cracks in the brick. Deteriorating siding.

3. Roof/Attic – Are the shingles delaminating, are the vent collars and flashings in good shape. Inside the attic are the supports in place, has there been water penetration. Is the dryer vent on the roof clogged?

4. Appliances – We are testing the operation of the appliances-are they working as per the manufacturers standards.

5. Plumbing – Are there leaks are there clogs, are the fixtures working, is the installation correct.

6. Electrical – Is the wiring size sufficient, are their live wires that could cause a shock, do the electrical fixtures work? 

7. HVAC components – Are the heating and cooling units working, are they sized and installed correctly, are breakers the right size? Are the floor ducts rusted out?

8. Interior – Are the windows and doors operating smoothly, are the walls cracked, are the stairways installed correctly, are there cracks in the tiles?

These are just a few items in each section that are inspected.  We provide a thoroughly detailed color report with all of the inspection findings.

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What our customers say

Darin Wilson
Darin Wilson

Betchan Home Inspections And Clinton is one of the best inspectors I've used. He is thourough, honest, and his reports are easy to use. I will only use Betchan Home Inspections for all of my buyers.

Ryan Ray
Ryan Ray

Thanks to Clinton Betchan for coming out on short notice to help inspect our house for water damage. He brought out his thermal imaging camera and helped me inspect for hidden water damage after a line broke. It really gives us piece of mind that we aren't settling with the insurance company prematurely! For all of your inspection needs give him a call, you won't be disappointed!!

Tyler Huxley
Tyler Huxley

If you are looking for a home inspection, look no further! Betchan Home Inspections came out on short notice and provided me with excellent service and a very thorough inspection report. I could not be more pleased with the service I got from Clinton Betchan.. #bettercallbetchan